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Johannesburg Zoo

Joyce, a chimpanzee, jumps up to greet Ian Visser, curator of Fish and Reptiles at the Johannesburg Zoo. Mar 2012

From operating on a wattled crane to feeding one of Africa’s most majestic creatures, the African Elephant; it’s all in a day’s work for the staff working at the Johannesburg Zoo.

Johannesburg Zoo

Dr Katja Hoeppel operates on SNAP a wattled crane who broke his wing. Mar 2012

Johannesburg Zoo

An adult pickersgill reed frog is held by a zoo keeper as it’s enclosure gets cleaned at the Johannesburg Zoo. Mar 2012

Johannesburg Zoo

The feet of SNAP, a nine-month-old wattled crane are seen amongst operating instruments as he undergoes surgery at the zoo. Mar 2012

Johannesburg Zoo

Dr Katja Koeppel strokes Annie, a spider monkey, as she wakes up from anaesthetic after receiving a medical checkup. Mar 2012

Johannesburg Zoo

A 17-day-old Wattled Crane eats from a puppet at the Johannesburg Zoo. The Wattled Crane is one of only five critically endangered birds in South Africa with less than 300 found in the wild. Mar 2012

Johannesburg Zoo

Alice Masombuka strokes Phila the rhino in her enclosure at the Johannesburg Zoo. Phila survived after being shot nine times by poachers in 2010. Mar 2012

Johannesburg Zoo

Oliver, a spider monkey, undergoes a medical checkup at the Johannesburg Zoo. Mar 2012

Johannesburg Zoo

Aquarium keeper, William Coombs, cleans the glass of the the congo tetra tank early most mornings. Mar 2012

Johannesburg Zoo

KK an african elephant peers over the wall as he waits to be fed at the Johannesburg Zoo. Mar 2012

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  1. Love the photos, especially the elephant looking over the wall.

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