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Daniel Born is a photojournalist with South Africa’s first online newspaper, The Times.

All images copyright The Times and Daniel Born.

+27 11 280 5463


  1. Dear Dan,
    I am Kerstin, a journalist from Germany. For the upcoming Fifa Football World Cup me and my team of colleagues are working on a new online platform, which will be online from Monday.
    The idea is to show South Africa as it really is, so 100% of our content will be gathered from the Social Web (Blogs, Twitter, Facebook). You will find it at
    I work in the Arts/Style Section and came across your fantastic webiste.
    Currently I am putting together a story about the Africa Fashion Week. My question: would you allow me to use some of your picture footage? Of course you would be prominently linked and declared as my source!
    I would be glad if you get in touch with me!
    Thank you for your time,

    Axel Springer Akademie
    Axel-Springer Straße 65
    10888 Berlin
    Tel: +49 (30) 2591-48823
    Mobil: +49 (172) 40 22 987

  2. Your works are really ineresting and with a strong and personal sight. I’m very glad to follow your web space.

    • Thank you Gianni

  3. Excellent body of work. I faithfully follow and look fwd to seeing more.

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